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P o e t r y - Treasures of the Heart Poetry "Real Testimonies Set to a Rhyme"

New Release!

"Expressions of Peace" Glacia Townsend's first published book of poetry. Look for her in your city ministering at seminars and book signings soon. To experience "Expressions of Peace" is to experience the peace of god through poetry.

Look for her book & seminar tour to visit your city soon!!!

Ms.Glacia Townsend
Ministry Poet

The Poetry Purpose
(Please Read Before Experiencing Poems)

Our Poetry Ministry is birthed from "REAL LIFE" experiences with God. Think of it as, a testimony with a rhyme. These words are meant to ENCOURAGE, ENLIGHTEN, STRENGTHEN and SPIRITUALLY CHALLENGE you within every area of your walk with Christ... No matter what level you are with your walk with Christ. There will be a wide variety of issues dealt with in the poetry reflecting true RELATIONSHIPS with Christ. The poetry is a forum of expression, to speak to your spirit, mind and your HEART.

Open your Heart, Mind and Spirit to receive what lies within the rhymes below.... T.Sligh

Feel free to EMAIL Glacia Townsend. Let her know your testimonies...and if any of the words spoken in the poetry have touched you. God Bless!!

Poems by Glacia Townsend
My Christmas Prayer
Don’t Ever Underestimate God
Bring It in Prayer
God Is Bigger than any Problem in the World
Lifetime Investments
Love without a Limit

Glacia Townsend's Poem Excerpts from
Thomas Sligh "Live At Maranatha" CD/DVD
© 2005 BMI Sligh Cre8tive Works Publishing
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I Wish You Would
You're All I Know

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