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Treasures Of the Heart Ministries
209 Harpers Way
Frederick, Maryland 21702

Treasures of the Heart Ministries is a Christian ensemble and ministry in Frederick, MD. Treasures is a ministry formulated by FAITH and moves under the order of God. In experiencing this web site, if God speaks to your heart and you wish to sew a seed a faith, we will partner with you in prayer. We will enjoy watching God move in your life, and open up the door of faith and increase into your situation. God is a God of excellence and love. When you exercise your FAITH, it activates the very power of God to prove his word!!!!

As God speaks to your heart, we ask that you mail your prayer request to the listed address, so that we can partner in prayer with you. If God touches your heart to sew a seed, write down what you specifically are believing God for. We will STAND united with you, as you jump out on faith!! God can do the impossible!!!!!!