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Thomas Sligh is the creator and founder of Treasures of the Heart Ministries based out of Frederick, MD. Treasures of the Heart Ministries is a combination of talents who's sole purpose is to lift up the name of the Lord. This ministry combines dance, poetry, preaching and all vibes of music to proclaim the word of Jesus Christ. As the Bible says, "Treasures of the Heart bring forth ALL good things" and there are no boundaries in what gifts the Lord has placed within your heart!!

Thomas has been directing choirs, arranging and singing songs for the Lord all over the eastern corridor. He participated in the birth of Divine Praise Community Choir, in 1991, in Philadelphia; started the Replanting the Seed Choir, in Philadelphia, encouraging young people of all ethnic backgrounds into the ministry (they will be soon recording); and participated in countless numbers of other ventures in the Philadelphia community and DC metro area. He also directed the Clarion University Choir in Western Pennsylvania and was an intricate part of Wondrous World/Holy Roller recording artists Restine Jackson and Grace, out of Washington, D.C., who have appeared all over the U.S. and on Bobby Jones Gospel. Thomas served as the Minister of Music at Poplar Grove Baptist Church in Darnestown, MD.

Growing up in North Philadelphia and being the son of a minister allowed him to encounter all types of experiences within the "Church" and in North Philadelphia. It brings him great joy allowing the Lord to use him as His vessel in any way.

The CD, "Treasures of the Heart," was the first full CD released under this ministry. The Treasures of the Heart CD is a testimony of real life situations and is designed to encourage and speak to your spirit. God is the ultimate producer of this project. Upon this CD, you will not find a groove or a rhythm overpowering the message. The purpose of the CD is to heal and uplift your soul and spirit. While listening to this CD, meditate on the journey in which the Lord is taking you spiritually and within your life. In doing so, the Treasures of your heart will be revealed.

Thomas Sligh and Treasures of the Heart have also published a unique book of poetry from their "poetic prophet," Glacia Townsend in 2005. This publication entitled "Expressions of Peace," has inspired many people to keep pressing forward in the love of the Lord. Glacia is also featured on the "Live At Marantha" project, and will be featured on the new live recording due to release in 2011.


Thomas Sligh is a known songwriter and arranger, and has produced a wide variety of music over the years with Treasures of the Heart.   Their latest live recording/DVD entitled "Live At Marnatha" has blessed people all over the world. Songs like "Rest In Jesus,"  "Praise Your Way Out," and "Holy Ghost Party" have enjoyed mass appeal in reaching people from all walks of Life. The "Live At Marantha" CD is very unique in that it includes a DVD that gives an in depth look into the ministry. The release of this project has allowed the ministry to share the stage with many people like Spensha Baker, Vicki Yohe, and Vickie Winans just to name a few.

Thomas Sligh & Treasures also produced an audio book/CD called "The Healing Process" in April 2010. It renders a unique interpretation of Cassondra Sligh-Conway's novel which is entitled, "Counseling through the Healing Process: And a Child Shall Lead Them." This audio book/CD was developed to "inspire" a healing process in all those seeking a touch from God. The "real life" testimonies set to music give the listener an instrument to have a unique conversation with people that God has healed. This project features a theme song for the Believing in the Cure/Faith Striders foundation entitled "It's in Your Faith." It also features new songs from Thomas Sligh & Treasures of the Heart produced by Dr. H. Lee Joyner.

Thomas Sligh & Treasures of the Heart Ministries are looking to produce another live recording in 2010. This will be the 4th musical release from this ministry from their independent recording label (T.O.H.M. Productions) as they seek to spread the word of the Lord in unique and creative ways. This project will be released in 2011 with tour dates to be announced.