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Our VISION as a Ministry is to spread the word of Jesus Christ all over the world and to remain humble in the sight of the Lord. Also, to allow Him to use us as His vessels with the special gifts and unique anointings He has blessed us with.

We desire to live and lead by examples as soldiers for Christ in our communities, jobs and wherever else the Lord leads us. We will strive to encourage and uplift those that are less fortunate and those searching to have a personal relationship with the Lord. We understand that once we let God into our HEARTS entirely, He will bring forth the good things in our lives. We desire for everyone to know and experience this.

Our expressions of PRAISE and interpretations of ministry are unlimited in our desire to please the Lord. We seek the Lord first in everything we do. However the Lord decides to expand our creativity in how we bring forth His Word, is according to His will, not our own.

God has begun to unlock the "Treasures in our Heart" and the results are manifested in this ministry. We will bring forth the "WORD OF GOD" with unlimited styles of music, dance, poetry and however else He will allow us to do so.

Praise the Lord!!